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VIP Launch Party

20th March 2015

Chessington World of Adventure now has two hotels, Safari, which was originally The Holiday Inn and a new build, The Aztec Hotel, which is linked to the Safari Hotel by a bridge on the 1st floor.
Pippa and I were invited to the VIP Launch party, which was held in the largest of their conference room the Serengeti suite. The evening started with cocktails in the business centre foyer, and then we all went into the Serengeti suite for some African drumming and dance, which was combined with a little audience participation.
Then we met the sales staff, followed by a quick presentation from Wild Goose who set up a team building challenge using their tablets, we had to answer questions and complete challenges. On our table were Nicola and her team from Crazy Cow Events, Chloe and Craig from Kontact Events and Pippa and myself from Bookerbiz.
The first challenge was to take a selfie of the team and think of a name, we came up with Heifers Bulls and Cows, which later got shorten to HBC. We were given 76minutes to complete the tasks. Then it was time for some food, a slightly strange set up for a buffet, with the room being set out with the desserts being the first item you reached, and then there was a chef carving the main course, which was either beef or chicken, after we could select our vegetables and then very oddly we came to the starters. I think logic must have had a bit of a short circuit when the room was set up, this is why you should always employ an event manager at all events.
After dinner the challenges continued, make your own flag, invent a cocktail, sing karaoke, (we chose I will survive by Gloria Gaynor as our song,) recreate a famous scene from history, we chose The Boston Massacre as that only need 5 bodies (yes I was surprised to find this out when Pippa and I went to Boston and followed The Freedom Trail, they had spin doctors then.) When Wild Goose first announced the placing of the team we were last, and like any underdog we were not happy. So we decided not to let this get us down, but made us more determined to at least not be last, so we beavered away at the questions, and put more effort into the challenges, and when the competition closed and the scores totted up we were in the top two, and there was 7 points between the top two, as we held our breath the results were announced and HBC were victorious!!! Well done to all on our team for their hard work, and big thank you to Sarah Brammar for inviting us.